Silver #49-138 (258, T-18A)

Owner: Ian Mccoll

Location: Belleville, Canada

Owner Statement:

This Jeep was originally purchased as a “cheap” CJ5 project. I had access to a better tub from another 1979 CJ5 so the rust issues were not a major concern. The Jeep had a number of options which I thought differentiated it from other CJ5’s. It had been repainted red at some point during its life but silver paint was evident under the hood and in other areas. I was aware of the Silver Anniversary models but did not know much about them. After doing some research I concluded that the Jeep was in fact a Silver Anniversary model based primarily on the paint code and some of the other options. After coming to this realization, my plans for the Jeep changed from a quick refurbishment to a full restoration. Obviously rust has taken its toll on the body so an original rust free 1979 tub was procured from New Mexico. I will give a plug to Southwest Offroad as they were awesome to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone. A rust free 1979 frame was acquired locally that had been purchased in South Carolina. A parts Jeep was also purchased. I was fortunate enough to find an NOS glovebox emblem in nearby Toronto, which I am sure “walked” out of the Brampton Plant in 1979. A number of other parts / spares have been acquired. My plan is to start the full restoration in the very the near future. Thanks again.

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